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Friday, October 9, 2020

The One Specific Reason Trump is Losing to Biden


Historically incumbent Presidents win re-election..  

Since 1980, the only time a President has failed to be re-elected was Bush 41 and that was mainly because Ross Perot took a lot of votes away and that moment during a 1992 Presidential Debate when Bush looked at his watch a couple times as if he had better things do

Reagan won twice.. Corrupt to the core Clinton won twice.. Baby Bush won twice..

Even the colored cocoa krispie monkey Obama won twice

So why is it looking more n' more like Trump is going to get trounced?

Simple.. he forgot what got him his victory in 2016..

He was a total complete Bastard.

Back then Trump was mean, vicious, pointed in his attacks, never let up and the left was so blindsided, they spent more time attacking Trump the person than his policy ideas

Now let's fast forward to the present..

Trump may appear to be a jerk, an asshole, conceited and infected with extreme hubris and a deep love of Self..

But he is not a capital-B Bastard for a very long time

Here is as good an example as any -- During the first debate with Biden, the President is arguing against points that Biden was making and ultimately the Donald was told by Joe, "Will you shut up, man?!"

That Should have been Trump saying it and no only was it not said by Trump, he did not utter a necessary disrespectful counter-punch like "Be quiet yourself Joe.. you're drawing flies" or "Jeez, And people think of Me as an A-hole!"

In other words the reason so many voted for Trump in 2016 is he openly disrespected the establishment without any inner-censor and put them in their place in a way most common people can only wish they could express

Now maybe because sees himself as better than that, being President n' all, its just better to utter the same tired fake-fuck refrains again n' again n' again..

Fake News..  Fake News.. Sleepy Joe.. Sleepy Joe

Ha ha..  so God Damn brilliant.. You sure showed them!

Trump is many things but he is no longer a Bastard; he no longer sincerely gets under the enemies' skins..  He no longer sincerely bothers them as an entity to fear

Whether its because he's very old or simply lacks the skill to truly put others down, he comes across as a rambling fool who repeats everything he says 2-3x in the same paragraph

Here's a little secret that Trump should understand by now - Most people do Not watch Presidential Debates to learn anything about either candidate

95% of those who will vote in elections already know who they support, often for no reason beyond the guy or gal on stage has the D or R next to their name

People watch for basically two reasons that in a way are one and the same:

1) They want to see their candidate embarrass and humiliate their opponent;

2)  They want to be entertained by zingers and one-liners and just enough meanness to have water cooler discussions the next day without feeling guilty over the verbal aggression

Trump forgot this truth

Here's some things just off the top of my head that Trump should have said in the last debate

"Biden has shown while in hiding that he likes to lead from the behind or rear which is typical since Democrats are the party of the ass"

"I understand why Biden always wears masks..  That way no one can see the constant lies coming from his mouth"

"Biden was the best apple in a rotten barrel of liberal candidates running to represent the Democrats but to eat up all his party's BS will still give you worms"

"Joe Biden is the Bob Hope of politics..  Everything he expresses is read off cue-cards"

Meanness.. Zingers..  Where are they, Trump?

Where is the Bastard we all love and miss?

Or deep down do you not wish to win this re-election?