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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Why Did Trump Lose (assuming ultimately he did)


Well its been 3 days since the election..

Who's winning or losing what state - that will get resolved one way or another but for now we are going to make the assumption that Trump will lose to Biden

OK, so the question would be 'Why?' and many people will have different opinions from personality to temperament to competence or lack of

This is our take and we're going to explain it first by using a scene from the 1978 film 'Superman'

Without going into too much plot, Lex Luthor has launched two nuclear warheads, one aimed for the San Andreas fault of Northern California and the other headed east figuring Superman can not stop both from hitting its target

Luthor's assistant Miss Tessmocker asks him where the 2nd warhead is targeted and Luthor replies it will hit Hackensack, NJ

She then exclaims with tears in her eyes that her mother lives there to which Luthor shrugs, and from that lack of concern or empathy or really anything by Luthor, Ms. Tessmocker decides to switch alliances and help Superman to escape Luthor's cluthches and stop the missiles

If you understand our meaning, then That is why Trump lost (assuming there's no dramatic change between now and January)

I voted for Trump.. did so in 2016 and once more this last Tuesday

But let me make something very clear.. Had the election been held in the spring or early summer of 2020, I would not have

I was personally appalled and disgusted by Trump's lack of caring for those suffering or dying from the virus; he saw his wonderful economy and precious stock market crumbling along with his chances for re-election and that was the ONLY thing he gave a shit about from then til now..

Did China cause the virus?  Yes..  Was it purposeful?  Yes..  It was in response to Trump forcing China into a new trade agreement that didn't exploit America to the same degree as before

But when you have CoVid or see a loved one or friend suffer/die from it or find your life completely topsy turvy including loss on income over it, you really don't give a shit the who, why and how

At the absolute very least you want to feel your leaders care about you, even if deep down they don't

Even when Trump briefly had the virus then magically was 100% in 2 days, he never expressed an emotional simpatico or 'I feel your pain' moment with the people

He just basically said he was invincible and everyone should just keep living their lives and exposing themselves with the same bullshit mindset as W Bush after 9/11 equating travelling and shopping as defeating the terrorists

So this is why Trump lost..

He wanted pre-virus normalcy when people were scared and dying by the hundreds every day..  Also refused to push for the wearing of masks and had an oddly perverse defiance to them like somehow it would make him look weak or succumb to the media

He refused to negotiate successfully a second stimulus for those desperately in need because he didn't want Pelosi and evil Democrats to have a victory before election

He forced schools to reopen even though its the youth who are the major carriers and super-spreaders, infecting their parents because by nature one's protective guard is most down in one's home with immediate family

And so enough Trump supporters like me were sick of it, and while I voted Trump because liberals are vomitous creatures, others didnt feel my Democrat contempt and voted for the senile man with Alzheimers and his colored whore VP

So in the end if Trump did lose when everything officially tallied, we believe it was his fault..

You can't take a military mentality that people are expendable and collateral damage in order to raise GDP and stock prices in a democracy where every 4 years, people have a say on their fate

Trump never got that..