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Monday, December 14, 2020

Squeaky Wheels ALWAYS get the Grease.. Conservatives are Church Mice

Well just another couple weeks folks and 2020 will be over..

Not that 2021 will be much better now that the President will be a senile old fart with a corrupt to the core son and a black genuine to goodness whore who will be nothing more than an Obama puppet once she gets genuine power

Oh what fun the future will bring..

And you know the worst part?

No one will advise us what to do to fight it

Vote in 2022 Congressional races then 2024 for a new President?


Stay informed?  Stay vigilant?

What for?!

The only thing worse than the God-awful evil to the core liberal media is the God-awful evil to the core conservative media

Non-stop negativity..  You won't believe what X said..  You won't believe what Y did..

Non stop fear and panic and hyperbole about the nation being destroyed once Biden is inaugurated and YET..

They absolutely refuse to ever say what can we the real Americans do to fight back; to hurt the enemy

So all this 'info' and tension and anger with no release

No one ever says.. 'Here's Biden's home address..' or 'Here's Pelosi's personal cell or home number.. go bother her..'

Or give us info to irritate and annoy soft targets like their family or bother them in public places while they're eating dinner or spit on them or throw eggs or Something!!

Nope, shit turd suckups like Hannity and Tucker Carlson spend 60 min each night 5 nights a week making viewers feel afraid for their country and themselves, then say 'Nite' and get in their 6-figure automobiles to drive to their expensive homes and think about anything and everything But what they were talking about on their programs..

It's all a game..  They know it..  You should too

No one in any position of power or authority or influence in any realm of society wants true populism and the genuineness of Individuality taking root

It's all an extension of everyday life and law

In life, someone does you wrong and you're supposed to sue or report to authorities which when you cut to the quick is a pretty emasculating, cowardly thing to do

People in power only have power because there are people willing to give up their precious lives to allow those people to issue their dictums without fear of consequence

And those who disagree with the laws and edicts only tolerate it because of a fear of consequence which is purposely built into the cake of the system

We really don't think people understand how powerless they are because of a combination of operant conditioning of losing possessions and illusionary freedom combined with a corporate media apparatus which possesses no motivation or desire to give individuals a taste of free will

For instance, was the 2020 election stolen from Trump?

God-Damn right it was

Will anyone in any position of power including the shamefully cowardly Supreme Court do anything about it?


Now what will you do?   What can you do?

And if you wanted to do something, who out there will give you the answer?

Protest? Toss away precious money on Trump's legal fight, which 50% of that amount actually goes to repay a billionaire's campaign debts

If you want your country back, it starts with a very simple axiom:  The squeaky wheel gets the grease

Bowel movement BLM know this..  Anus Antifa know this..

Why don't you?