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Friday, February 5, 2021

N95 Masks Are Available to Everyday People.. Here's one Reputable Store Who Has It...


Do you want to know why this China Virus pandemic is going into its 2nd year with people getting seriously ill and dying needlessly?

It really is simple to understand..

There is only one kind of mask that Truly protects You from the virus and that's the certified N95 mask; all others are meant to protect everyone But you..

The CDC says everyday people shouldn't be wearing them..

OK. why?   Because so the god-damn health professionals can have them; those thin pieces of nothing you currently put on your face and wrongly let hang down under your nostrils are supposedly good enough

And yet if good enough, why is CoVid such a continual danger

So because everyone is either earmarking them for those pretend "heroes" or in the case of Amazon, not allowing normal people to buy them and pushing a knockoff from China called KN95, most people have little to no adequate protection when going out among people.

If everyone had access to and wore N95 masks which provides 95% protection for 5-6 weeks, you would most likely see a decrease in China Virus by at least 75%

But what's the system's advantage in doing that?  There's annual forever vaccines to push and get you conditioned to take; a lotta money to be made

So where to get them if at all?

Lowes for one

We're telling you this because we deeply Despise the system and how the CDC and government has to control Everything

Can't speak for all Lowes but yours truly was in my local store a few days ago and saw them for sale near the registers.. 5 pack of genuine N95 for $20 which may seem high at firrst but I checked a website that sells to the public a box of 5 masks for $50


Now this is not advertised on their Lowes website.. Can not blame them.. 

Every time a reputable store sells certified N95 masks, worthless fucking liberal bastards report them and demand they be sold to god-damn hospitals meaning your ability to prevent yourself and others from being ill dropped to nothing for a bullshit greater good

Can't promise it will be at your local Lowes because each store is different but worth a shot..  

I bought 10 boxes

One last thing on that.. In spite of what some say, those masks do have a re-use life to them; they're not one and done.

Just take your used mask, place it aside for 3-4 days for any possible China virus on the surface to die then re-use again n again until you feel the material start to wear out and/or you do not have a proper snug fit

No one else is going to be honest with you because one really cares if you live or die; no one cares about the survival of the Individual..  

Only the collective matters and as we learned from black lives blah-bah, no group matter ever

You're welcome.. now go start N95 hunting