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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Patronizing, Pandering Society.. Why Does the White Liberal Do It?

~ 'Look kids.. its white liberal Mother Fuckers.. Throw feces at them...'

Going to start this post with some stats..

Only 42% of blacks graduate college

Median wealth of black families is $17,000..  For whites its $171,000

The income gap on average between blacks and whites is $29,000

No, we're not turning liberal white-guilt on you..  Just wondering based on economic realities why are those damn people heavily represented in advertising when as a group they have far less purchasing power and that Caucasians?

Why is advertising wasting so much time trying to get the god-damn colored to buy their products when generally speaking they're less wealthy, less educated and inferior?

Here are couple more statistics..

Only 2.2% of whites have a spouse that is outside their race

A little over 4% of black women marry outside their race and for black males who generally are irresponsible immature boys (not real men), over 10% seek someone who is not their own kind i.e. white blondes

The divorce rate among interracial couples is 10% higher than among two people of the same race

So why the Fuck is nearly every ad as well as romantic couple in TV and movies, a beautiful white woman of Western European ancestry and a nigger?


Sure, liberals want to keep blacks in their plantations.. Give them some cornbread and watermelon if they be good nappy boys n' girls and keep voting Democrat even if they do nothing to sincerely promote Individualism and economic freedom for that kind

But must be something deeper..  right?

Remember, blacks only represent 14% of the population.. That's it

They are not significant enough to be courted in this manner by Madison Avenue and Hollywood except in one manner..

Blacks too have credit cards and unlike whites, do not know how to budget or restrain their spending so they're more likely to overspend and show off with status symbols beyond what rightly without credit, most could never afford

Those people are 3x more likely to file bankruptcy protection

Interestingly pretty much articles we find on the topics of blacks and poverty, debt, delinquency and bankruptcy along with theft, rape, murder, abandoning the family, teen pregnancy, dropout rates, drug and alcohol addiction and every other horrible thing they do, the narrative is always spun so that its not the black's fault

Nope, never their fault for their failings

We live in a very patronizing society and many white liberal guilt cock-suck cuckolds want to treat them like children and prevent blacks from achieving anything on their own..

And far too many blacks are willing and demanding to take the handouts

Can you blame them?  Give a worthless bum money, free food or such and do you really expect to be turned down with the response 'No I can't take it.. I didn't truly earn it'?

Absolutely no reason TV, movies and ads should be pandering to blacks and if those people were as smart as they pretend and wish they were, they'd rebel against this fake-exceptionalism

Please remember in the real world, the vast majority of relationships, straight or gay are between two people of the same race and the children are far better for it

Thursday, March 18, 2021

You Have the Right to Hate...

Very short post because not a lot of words need to be expressed on this..

Cancel culture which is controlled by bitter minorities and liberal white guilt shame cuckold feces have made it now that as a white person you must be scared to death to express any thought or opinion that will hurt another's delicate feelings

And whites cower in fear.. Never sincerely fight back

Here's a Truth that you better never forget or else you will be an absolute Loser:

You as an individual have the right to like, dislike, love or loath any person or group for any reason or no reason at all and not lose your job or be forced to apologize for your feelings!!

That Is Your Right!

Ideally you shouldn't hate others for no reason but its still up to you to think and feel as you want

You don't have the right to physically harm another, or deprive someone or a group of their ability to pursue their aims and goals in life but outside of that you have the right to think very negative on anyone or anything..


Blacks can think whites are scum and whites can think blacks are lazy intellectually inferior monkeys

You can not go to jail for it..  Stop allowing others to manipulate your mind into thinking you can be destroyed for thinking gays/trannies disgusting or hating women who think career is more important than family (Nope, can't have both..  Job - yes; Career - no)

Take control of your thoughts/beliefs..  Stop letting others have power over you

Whether you listen and do so..  as always, up to you.

The New Rules of Advertising for White Caucasians


~ A stillshot from a Huggies ad..  He is not a real man

Some may not know this but advertising, especially TV ads have rules

For a long time the general rule was that no one was stupider than the middle aged white man

The wife knew more than her hubby, the children knew more than the Dad and somehow the elderly parent became magically smart again once white-haired and confined to a wheelchair

And of course the black knew more than the white unless it was black couple then the colored woman knew more than the bf or hubby

Etc Etc..

But all those years of evil commercials full of socio-cultural lies was not enough to destroy the confidence and spirit of white males so the social progressive left decided in the last couple years to really hard push the belief that white males should be emasculated and inferior to negroes

So now here are some new TV advertising rules which if you are truly honest with yourself, you will instantly recognize..

1)  Nearly all ads depicting loving heterosexual couples must be where the woman is white, slender and beautiful and her man is a Nigger; white men are not to be depicted  with white women in a relationship unless she is heavy, common or unexceptional

2)  If a white male is to be depicted in an ad as a father, his child must be a caramel colored  mulatto with mop-frizz hair; he is supposed to be feeling joyous he ruined millions of years of his genetic make up to cum in a black woman and produce offspring

3) White men are not to be shown as physical, strong or masculine in any way..  

They are to be depicted as slobs, nerds, people who still live with their parents, or as the person in the relationship that changes the child's diapers, pushes the stroller, cooks for the child or lets the daughter put makeup on his face for 'fun'

The woman who is supposedly his superior heads off to work wearing her power suit to earn money to support the family as if that's what the bitch's natural role is

4) In all ads where a white man is with a black, it is the Caucasian who must be the goofball while the nigger is "intelligent" and providing the societal reaction expression

Many ads, they don't even bother depicting a white male at all..  Coloreds, straight women, lesbian women, Asians, Hispanics, punjabs..  every group under the sun except the one most Important to society

Usually white males in advertising have soft effete tendencies or just outright queer

Hard to fight this deluge of social progressive engineering when every corporation does it under the guise of diversity and inclusion.

The average White man earns over $65,000 annually which is double the median income for all employees meaning they are more purchasing power than any other secondary race, ethnicity or gender and yet continually shit on by corporations and advertisers

The question is 'Why?'

Simply. the squeaky wheel gets the grease

Women and coloreds and every other minority bitch and complain when they are not depicted as 'exceptional'; the white man is conditioned to basically shut up or be cancelled

So once again evil wins by allowing continual distortion of fantasy v reality

For instance, most blacks are educationally ignorant.. Those people only represent 2.5% of those with Masters and about 1% of Doctorate education and only are 15% of the population

And yet the Lie continues to be pushed that they are all doctors and judges and learned thinkers who are of statistical equal stature and population to whites and thus deserve equal power..  Um.. no

And women are allowed to be conned into believing their purpose on Earth is to make as much money as possible to buy as much shit as their homes, cars and purses can hold while ignoring the biological prime directive to mate with a man and produce offspring; to be the very best wife and mother possible

Nothing else matters for a woman..  Nothing

Just much mental poison out there.. Ughh

Sometimes the only way to save one's soul and sanity is to just turn off the idiot box altogether

Monday, March 15, 2021

Video: vaccine Alternate Viewpoint

 There's a lot of videos, etc that push the vaccines and really nothing to tell you of the potential short and long term dangers & harms to your body...

So this is one of them..  Video is 25min or so..  The woman is extremely knowledgeable and worth a listen

If it keeps skipping, sorry about that..  Decided to do a direct submission rather than YouTube link in case the website censors it

Right now there's a lot of fear out there.. We feel a lot like you do and we are not telling you what to do, shot or no shot..  That is 100% your decision and its very important you acquire diverse points of view and all the information possible before deciding one way or another..

We just know experimental vaccinations, the likes of which have never been injected into the human body are being hard-pushed like some lowly drug scum on the corner and it doesn't feel right

Just 12hrs ago it was reported via Reuters that a man in Italy died withinhours of a vaccine and as a result Italy had to throw away over 350,000 potentially tainted vials

So be smart.. get all perspectives then decide

Sunday, March 14, 2021

How & Where did Marvin Hagler really die?

 It's so god-damn frustrating..

Feels so much like the Al Pacino line in the Godfather 3 - 'I want to get out but they keep pulling me back in!'

Writing this blog has not been always enjoyable.. We present reality that no one else dares to discuss and no one ever gets pro-active or even spread the word of 'Ants & Grasshoppers' so it all tends to be a complete time waster

But seeing how deeply fascist and propagandistic America is today, it seems we have to keep writing posts if not for you then for our collective mental sanity

Wonder how many of you out there truly know how controlled you are by the System and in particular the media?  Do you realize how completely manipulated you are to think, feel and act?

Used to be comment sections or 'pens' i.e. ostrich where you could express disagreement or simply vent..

Nope.. No more.. Fear of "misinformation' - only the keymaster may control that - they must decide what you are to know and how the message is to be shaped and molded

And don't you dare think Fucks News (Fox) is any different than the Cunt News Network -   CNN is left and Fox is moderate and they both seek the same approval of the same advertisers

All this brings us to the headline..   How and where did Marvin Hagler die?

For those who don't know, he was a world famous boxer, one of the greatest ever and yesterday (Sat 3/13/21) he died according to his wife in his home that evening with no cause given..   Then she asks for privacy i.e. don't bother her for particulars

Earlier that afternoon Thomas Hearns, a one time boxing foe and guess now friend of Hagler texted that Hagler was in ICU fighting the effects of the vaccine and everyone to pray for him

Which is it?  Was Hagler in ICU or at home?

The god damn mother-fucking media refuses to investigate this..

OK so why does it matter where a dying boxer is located?

Simple..  ICU is not like being in a hospital room for a kidney stone..  You don't just simply go home instantly..

If Hearns is correct that Hagler was in ICU that means he died of the response to the vaccine just like Hank Aaron did, though the media was quick to stomp that out..  No, Hank died peacefully in his sleep..  

Uh huh.. Yep

To find out Hearns was right is to basically make a case that blacks or really anyone should not be getting the vaccine because there is potential you will die from it and they media and government absolutely will not allow that discussion to occur

If Hearns is mistaken or a lair, that should be proved as well

Hagler's family has offered no proof he was home and a once world-class athlete just simply dies for no reason at 66 which by today's standards isn't all that old

Hearns backtracked and took the coward route offering no defense or evidence to back up his tweet

So which is it and more important why does this society continue to allow the collective mainstream media to get away with nonstop propaganda and misinformation to suit their social, political and ideological goals?

Why does society tolerate anything going on?

Is it as simple as people do not want to lose their possessions for a cause?

Until proven otherwise, we believe Hagler was in ICU yesterday and not at home and he did die from an adverse reaction to the injection and not something natural

We also believe until truly proven otherwise Hank Aaron died the same

But the powers to be want you to have that vaccine so they will say and do everything to calm you into getting it..  no mention of allergic reaction or difficulty breathing or death

They'll admit your arm will ache a bit and thats it

Those who do not get vaccinated by Goebbels-like lies will ultimately be arm-twist manipulated when employers will be legally allowed to fire or not hire 'rebels' and airlines, hotels, govt buildings, etc will not let you in without passport documentation you had the shots

If that last part shocks you then Wake Up already!

Whether you get the vaccine or not is up to you and you alone but you better understand if you want truth or facts, it is Your responsibility to do the research and get to the bottom of things