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Sunday, March 14, 2021

How & Where did Marvin Hagler really die?

 It's so god-damn frustrating..

Feels so much like the Al Pacino line in the Godfather 3 - 'I want to get out but they keep pulling me back in!'

Writing this blog has not been always enjoyable.. We present reality that no one else dares to discuss and no one ever gets pro-active or even spread the word of 'Ants & Grasshoppers' so it all tends to be a complete time waster

But seeing how deeply fascist and propagandistic America is today, it seems we have to keep writing posts if not for you then for our collective mental sanity

Wonder how many of you out there truly know how controlled you are by the System and in particular the media?  Do you realize how completely manipulated you are to think, feel and act?

Used to be comment sections or 'pens' i.e. ostrich where you could express disagreement or simply vent..

Nope.. No more.. Fear of "misinformation' - only the keymaster may control that - they must decide what you are to know and how the message is to be shaped and molded

And don't you dare think Fucks News (Fox) is any different than the Cunt News Network -   CNN is left and Fox is moderate and they both seek the same approval of the same advertisers

All this brings us to the headline..   How and where did Marvin Hagler die?

For those who don't know, he was a world famous boxer, one of the greatest ever and yesterday (Sat 3/13/21) he died according to his wife in his home that evening with no cause given..   Then she asks for privacy i.e. don't bother her for particulars

Earlier that afternoon Thomas Hearns, a one time boxing foe and guess now friend of Hagler texted that Hagler was in ICU fighting the effects of the vaccine and everyone to pray for him

Which is it?  Was Hagler in ICU or at home?

The god damn mother-fucking media refuses to investigate this..

OK so why does it matter where a dying boxer is located?

Simple..  ICU is not like being in a hospital room for a kidney stone..  You don't just simply go home instantly..

If Hearns is correct that Hagler was in ICU that means he died of the response to the vaccine just like Hank Aaron did, though the media was quick to stomp that out..  No, Hank died peacefully in his sleep..  

Uh huh.. Yep

To find out Hearns was right is to basically make a case that blacks or really anyone should not be getting the vaccine because there is potential you will die from it and they media and government absolutely will not allow that discussion to occur

If Hearns is mistaken or a lair, that should be proved as well

Hagler's family has offered no proof he was home and a once world-class athlete just simply dies for no reason at 66 which by today's standards isn't all that old

Hearns backtracked and took the coward route offering no defense or evidence to back up his tweet

So which is it and more important why does this society continue to allow the collective mainstream media to get away with nonstop propaganda and misinformation to suit their social, political and ideological goals?

Why does society tolerate anything going on?

Is it as simple as people do not want to lose their possessions for a cause?

Until proven otherwise, we believe Hagler was in ICU yesterday and not at home and he did die from an adverse reaction to the injection and not something natural

We also believe until truly proven otherwise Hank Aaron died the same

But the powers to be want you to have that vaccine so they will say and do everything to calm you into getting it..  no mention of allergic reaction or difficulty breathing or death

They'll admit your arm will ache a bit and thats it

Those who do not get vaccinated by Goebbels-like lies will ultimately be arm-twist manipulated when employers will be legally allowed to fire or not hire 'rebels' and airlines, hotels, govt buildings, etc will not let you in without passport documentation you had the shots

If that last part shocks you then Wake Up already!

Whether you get the vaccine or not is up to you and you alone but you better understand if you want truth or facts, it is Your responsibility to do the research and get to the bottom of things