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Thursday, March 18, 2021

The New Rules of Advertising for White Caucasians


~ A stillshot from a Huggies ad..  He is not a real man

Some may not know this but advertising, especially TV ads have rules

For a long time the general rule was that no one was stupider than the middle aged white man

The wife knew more than her hubby, the children knew more than the Dad and somehow the elderly parent became magically smart again once white-haired and confined to a wheelchair

And of course the black knew more than the white unless it was black couple then the colored woman knew more than the bf or hubby

Etc Etc..

But all those years of evil commercials full of socio-cultural lies was not enough to destroy the confidence and spirit of white males so the social progressive left decided in the last couple years to really hard push the belief that white males should be emasculated and inferior to negroes

So now here are some new TV advertising rules which if you are truly honest with yourself, you will instantly recognize..

1)  Nearly all ads depicting loving heterosexual couples must be where the woman is white, slender and beautiful and her man is a Nigger; white men are not to be depicted  with white women in a relationship unless she is heavy, common or unexceptional

2)  If a white male is to be depicted in an ad as a father, his child must be a caramel colored  mulatto with mop-frizz hair; he is supposed to be feeling joyous he ruined millions of years of his genetic make up to cum in a black woman and produce offspring

3) White men are not to be shown as physical, strong or masculine in any way..  

They are to be depicted as slobs, nerds, people who still live with their parents, or as the person in the relationship that changes the child's diapers, pushes the stroller, cooks for the child or lets the daughter put makeup on his face for 'fun'

The woman who is supposedly his superior heads off to work wearing her power suit to earn money to support the family as if that's what the bitch's natural role is

4) In all ads where a white man is with a black, it is the Caucasian who must be the goofball while the nigger is "intelligent" and providing the societal reaction expression

Many ads, they don't even bother depicting a white male at all..  Coloreds, straight women, lesbian women, Asians, Hispanics, punjabs..  every group under the sun except the one most Important to society

Usually white males in advertising have soft effete tendencies or just outright queer

Hard to fight this deluge of social progressive engineering when every corporation does it under the guise of diversity and inclusion.

The average White man earns over $65,000 annually which is double the median income for all employees meaning they are more purchasing power than any other secondary race, ethnicity or gender and yet continually shit on by corporations and advertisers

The question is 'Why?'

Simply. the squeaky wheel gets the grease

Women and coloreds and every other minority bitch and complain when they are not depicted as 'exceptional'; the white man is conditioned to basically shut up or be cancelled

So once again evil wins by allowing continual distortion of fantasy v reality

For instance, most blacks are educationally ignorant.. Those people only represent 2.5% of those with Masters and about 1% of Doctorate education and only are 15% of the population

And yet the Lie continues to be pushed that they are all doctors and judges and learned thinkers who are of statistical equal stature and population to whites and thus deserve equal power..  Um.. no

And women are allowed to be conned into believing their purpose on Earth is to make as much money as possible to buy as much shit as their homes, cars and purses can hold while ignoring the biological prime directive to mate with a man and produce offspring; to be the very best wife and mother possible

Nothing else matters for a woman..  Nothing

Just much mental poison out there.. Ughh

Sometimes the only way to save one's soul and sanity is to just turn off the idiot box altogether

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