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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Patronizing, Pandering Society.. Why Does the White Liberal Do It?

~ 'Look kids.. its white liberal Mother Fuckers.. Throw feces at them...'

Going to start this post with some stats..

Only 42% of blacks graduate college

Median wealth of black families is $17,000..  For whites its $171,000

The income gap on average between blacks and whites is $29,000

No, we're not turning liberal white-guilt on you..  Just wondering based on economic realities why are those damn people heavily represented in advertising when as a group they have far less purchasing power and that Caucasians?

Why is advertising wasting so much time trying to get the god-damn colored to buy their products when generally speaking they're less wealthy, less educated and inferior?

Here are couple more statistics..

Only 2.2% of whites have a spouse that is outside their race

A little over 4% of black women marry outside their race and for black males who generally are irresponsible immature boys (not real men), over 10% seek someone who is not their own kind i.e. white blondes

The divorce rate among interracial couples is 10% higher than among two people of the same race

So why the Fuck is nearly every ad as well as romantic couple in TV and movies, a beautiful white woman of Western European ancestry and a nigger?


Sure, liberals want to keep blacks in their plantations.. Give them some cornbread and watermelon if they be good nappy boys n' girls and keep voting Democrat even if they do nothing to sincerely promote Individualism and economic freedom for that kind

But must be something deeper..  right?

Remember, blacks only represent 14% of the population.. That's it

They are not significant enough to be courted in this manner by Madison Avenue and Hollywood except in one manner..

Blacks too have credit cards and unlike whites, do not know how to budget or restrain their spending so they're more likely to overspend and show off with status symbols beyond what rightly without credit, most could never afford

Those people are 3x more likely to file bankruptcy protection

Interestingly pretty much articles we find on the topics of blacks and poverty, debt, delinquency and bankruptcy along with theft, rape, murder, abandoning the family, teen pregnancy, dropout rates, drug and alcohol addiction and every other horrible thing they do, the narrative is always spun so that its not the black's fault

Nope, never their fault for their failings

We live in a very patronizing society and many white liberal guilt cock-suck cuckolds want to treat them like children and prevent blacks from achieving anything on their own..

And far too many blacks are willing and demanding to take the handouts

Can you blame them?  Give a worthless bum money, free food or such and do you really expect to be turned down with the response 'No I can't take it.. I didn't truly earn it'?

Absolutely no reason TV, movies and ads should be pandering to blacks and if those people were as smart as they pretend and wish they were, they'd rebel against this fake-exceptionalism

Please remember in the real world, the vast majority of relationships, straight or gay are between two people of the same race and the children are far better for it

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