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Monday, March 15, 2021

Video: vaccine Alternate Viewpoint

 There's a lot of videos, etc that push the vaccines and really nothing to tell you of the potential short and long term dangers & harms to your body...

So this is one of them..  Video is 25min or so..  The woman is extremely knowledgeable and worth a listen

If it keeps skipping, sorry about that..  Decided to do a direct submission rather than YouTube link in case the website censors it

Right now there's a lot of fear out there.. We feel a lot like you do and we are not telling you what to do, shot or no shot..  That is 100% your decision and its very important you acquire diverse points of view and all the information possible before deciding one way or another..

We just know experimental vaccinations, the likes of which have never been injected into the human body are being hard-pushed like some lowly drug scum on the corner and it doesn't feel right

Just 12hrs ago it was reported via Reuters that a man in Italy died withinhours of a vaccine and as a result Italy had to throw away over 350,000 potentially tainted vials

So be smart.. get all perspectives then decide

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