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Thursday, March 18, 2021

You Have the Right to Hate...

Very short post because not a lot of words need to be expressed on this..

Cancel culture which is controlled by bitter minorities and liberal white guilt shame cuckold feces have made it now that as a white person you must be scared to death to express any thought or opinion that will hurt another's delicate feelings

And whites cower in fear.. Never sincerely fight back

Here's a Truth that you better never forget or else you will be an absolute Loser:

You as an individual have the right to like, dislike, love or loath any person or group for any reason or no reason at all and not lose your job or be forced to apologize for your feelings!!

That Is Your Right!

Ideally you shouldn't hate others for no reason but its still up to you to think and feel as you want

You don't have the right to physically harm another, or deprive someone or a group of their ability to pursue their aims and goals in life but outside of that you have the right to think very negative on anyone or anything..


Blacks can think whites are scum and whites can think blacks are lazy intellectually inferior monkeys

You can not go to jail for it..  Stop allowing others to manipulate your mind into thinking you can be destroyed for thinking gays/trannies disgusting or hating women who think career is more important than family (Nope, can't have both..  Job - yes; Career - no)

Take control of your thoughts/beliefs..  Stop letting others have power over you

Whether you listen and do so..  as always, up to you.

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