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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Shrugs & Farts

Seems the other day that another black criminal was killed by a White officer

~ Shrug ~

And it seems we're all supposed to care because according to the marketing slogan small-b black lives 'matter'..

~ Shrug ~ and ~ Farttt ~

We could not think of a more appropriate outward expression

A dead black is supposed to mean something to Whites yet dead Caucasians never mean anything to them

We didn't care when Chicken George died last year.. We're not going to start now with whatever the guy's name.. We genuinely have no interest in knowing it

So what does it mean to 'matter' to another?

It means there's a caring or feeling of love, like or at least some fondness for another which is usually based on one being a part of one's' family or friendship inner-circle or people who show sincere care and concern for you so the feelings are reciprocated in return.

The last White person who died that mattered to colored people where they felt genuine concern and sadness was Robert F Kennedy which happened during the summer of 1968 so that is now about 53 years and counting

And even that was selfish because it was based on the belief RFK would win the 1968 Election and then give the blacks lots n lots of freebies

How can anyone expect others to matter who don't matter to them?

Many Whites pretend blacks 'matter'

Guilt and shame, operant conditioning, fear of being 'cancelled', Stockholm Syndrome.. 

We've always seen people not as they wish to be seen but as they are and blacks are overall a violent, uneducated race that in 155yrs since the end of the Civil War have achieved absolutely Nothing on their own without the kindness, empathy or guilt of Whites.

Emancipation, social and economic freedoms, Welfare and other handouts, Affirmative Action that hurts more qualified and intellectually superior people, their lazy carcasses in every movie, TV show and commercial..

Absolutely nothing was achieved without the race they hate and desperately want to feel superior toward

And no one gets in their face about their duplicity

Every other group has succeeded and are Winners..  Western Europeans, Central and Southern Europe, Jewish people, Muslims,  people from South and Central America and Caribbeans.. American Indians.. Indian Indians, Asians..  Even African blacks!!.

Everyone But that guttural American black race has succeeded in this country within 1-2 generations

And no one gets in the proverbial face of White corporate America and demands they stop the pandering and patronizing of negroes..  

Stop treating them like they are superior to Whites because they spend more and save less..  They're only 14% of the population!

Then again its all set up so the Majority has no ability to fight

Even Trump didn't put those beasts of burden down.. Too busy trying to court their votes at the exclusion of millions who voted for him Solely to put them in their place

Blacks became very uppity under Obama and Trump was oblivious.. only gave a shit about the stock market..   So, reap what you sow..

More black scum will be killed by White officers and more and more the push will be for us to care, to kneel like whores preparing to give blowjobs and forced into reeducation camps called diversity training at work.

And our response will continue to be shrugs and farts