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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Our Angriest Post Yet but Furious Truth is Unpleasant


Before we begin, we're going to have a 'mad as hell and not going to take it anymore' moment and its not going to pleasant for many of you so you've been warned,,

Fuckkkkkk Nigggggerssssssss!

Deeply breathes until calm..

Now we can continue..

Amazing how a race of lazy, intellectually inferior mindless animals who do not matter except as beasts of burden have successfully made themselves seem to, at least publicly

Even more amazing is that so many Caucasians are so full of guilt and shame for something few to none living today actually did, that they've bought into this lie of black exceptionalism and need to carry the banner for it

Ask yourself.. When is the last time you have seen a white male in a commercial who wasn't elderly, ugly-sloppy, portray a criminal like a burglar alarm system or a faggot?

Don't confuse Hispanic with Caucasian.. Brown rice is not White

When's the last time you've seen a TV program or film where the judge or someone of importance or high intellect wasn't colored?

When's the last time you have seen something where an attractive White is not with a nigger and their bi-racial caramel crap colored children?

And when is the last time you have been allowed to enjoy sports without those motherfuckers' "history" and "culture" and so-called 'victimization' pushed into your faces?

Yours truly turned on English football (soccer) on TV in hopes that maybe foreign sports programming would provide diversion from the absolute Bullshit that gutter black race peddles in America


On the pitch i.e. field every piece of shit player on both teams, black n white kneeling in unison like spit on face worthy cunts in unison to brainwash the fans into believing that their fantasy creation of systematic 'racism' was something real

So let's get beyond the Nazi-like propaganda and get real

Blacks have it Superior to Whites, just as they have wanted and will never relinquish

Blacks have Affirmative Action that gets those worthless fucks into quality colleges with lower GPA than White children applying to the same schools.  

Also have tons n tons of special grants and scholarships exclusively for them.  Even the mulatto mutt children.. One drop of contaminated colored blood is all it takes

Affirmative Action also helps those things get jobs that they are not qualified for over Whites and better chance in today's society for raises and promotions.

Mess with them... Get in their faces how Evil they are .. Make even a passive half-hearted complaint and you will be destroyed by them with the help of the cuckold cock-suck Whites who love blacks more than themselves

Those pieces of trash have contaminated every aspect of society from politics to entertainment to sports to literature/magazine and it doesnt matter if a Dem or Rep is President..  The barnyard animals keep winning; keep taking over more n more of the pie

How did it get this Bad?!

Obviously a trigger was the election victory of the feces colored pretzel stick Obama and the fact that especially in 2008 he got so many whites to support not based on reality of his rotten policies but some fucked up notion that his victory would mean the colored vomit would stop pushing 'racism' at every turn

Nope.. its just been ratcheted and if you were one of those moderates or Conservatives who are white and supported Obama, then Fuck You!

And obviously the corrupt to the core corporations think this is most profitable position to take

But the biggest reason for all this shit is Trump

Its not all the absolute bullshit the left said about him while in office..  Its that unfortunately none of it was true 

He should have put the coloreds in their place.. He should have made it abundantly clear the barnyard animals were no longer in charge of the farm

That's a big reason I voted for him as well as millions of others who will never admit it, for understandable reasons

Turns out he didn't think it was important.. only gave a fuck about the stock market and trying to court the termites to vote for him in 2020.

Whatever number of blacks voted for him in '20 vs 2016, he lost 3x the votes from people who resent that mindset and normally don't even bother to vote but thought he'd be different

So that God-damned race of Nothing as taken over the nation in a way that will never return to even a semblance of normalcy and that means contaminating countless generations of impressionable minded to buy into 'racism' and tumor colored fucks mattering when they Do Not..

We try to ignore them.. let children be children.. let simple minded sit in their shit and suck their own dicks and howl to the moon because we hope the spiritually defective will get it all out of their system

But it was the wrong strategy and the good guys n gals lost badly

So 100 yrs from now when we're all dead, the nation will have been thoroughly brainwashed and contaminated with people who's skin are 50 shades of shit.