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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Finally.. Something Good in the News!

Nope, not being sarcastic or humorous..

Cosby should never have been convicted much less arrested

Pretty much all accusations were at least a decade ago.. some going back 3 or 4 decades..  No one who waits that long to report a sexual assault is considered valid or deserving of a moment of law enforcement's time

If you wait decades to report a sexual assault, Fuck you..

If you wait decades to report Fake assault like these women, then You should rot in a jail

Also the court knew of the deal with prosecutors and Cosby's attorneys where the testimony of five women could not be admitted into evidence and did so anyway because that is what desperate people do when the public is hungering for a hanging/

But we're not going to re-try the case.. happily there's no point

Plus anything liberals are sickened and angry about, we find joy.

The left, especially the rotten blacks wanted to destroy Cosby for years.. it was vandetta; a witch hunt

How can we say this...  Cosby's black too..  we're not making sense you say

Cosby was the kind of black the Nigger black hates..   He is wealthy and successful and devoid of the colored slave mindset that if you achieve anything, you have to obligatory pull up everyone in your community with you just because you're all 'brothers' or 'sister'

Cosby also was pretty much a clean comedian..  Talked on wholesome topics especially dealt with family and topics White America over the age of 12 could appreciate.    

Coloreds tend to prefer foul mouthed animals who talk non stop on fucking, who find drugs and being drunk 'cool' and other commoner topics..  Gutter trash like Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy in his prime

Also Cosby's TV show did not depict blacks as ignorant, illiterate, illegitimates like so many are in inner cities.. pee on face worthy White-hating ghetto criminal trash 

On the show they were a loving two-parent family with education, culture and refinement.. They dressed nice, didn't speak fuck Ebonics, didn't feel sorry for themselves or want to hurt the world for their failings

You know.. everything most blacks Aren't!

Lastly Cosby made a public effort to get black families to put emphasis on educating their children and preparing them to succeed in the real world and wanted blacks to put down the basketball and pick up a book, to paraphrase what he said often in interviews

And so they despised him and the Nigger community of race-baiters, welfare addicts and other base animal filth wanted to get even

And so they did through all this bogus legal nothing based on classless white women throwing themselves at Cosby to try to get ahead in the entertainment business and you damn well better understand that is why they and All women flirt with male celebs.

Happily Cosby gets the last laugh though he served two years in prison more than he should have

We hope he sues the state of Pennsylvania and wins mightily

Yes.. Finally.. Finally some good news in the post-Trump world

Friday, June 18, 2021

If You Are Black, American & Alive, Thank Slavery


But what do they mean?  OMG.. Sacre Bleu!

Are they saying slavery was a good thing?

In a way, actually yes we are and we will explain.

Let's start with the header - you're black, American born and living this moment..  

The only reason you like anyone else is here on Earth is a cosmic convergence of your parents meeting at the exact moment and location that they did and all circumstances good and bad which ultimately became one fucking the other and in time producing you

This of course goes for all races, etc but we're just talking blacks

One slight alteration in that and you are not here.

To simplify things, just think the entire plot to 'Back the the Future'

Without slavery, there is no reason for blacks to be in the Western Hemisphere from 17th century onwards and its not like mean White Europeans just caught them in tiger traps and butterfly nets

African slaves were acquired when one African tribe defeated another tribe that was inferior, kept prisoners and sold the inferiors to the traders who were brought here and fucked to make more inferiors (not counting those who pleased their owners for extra cornbread or rye whiskey)

So if there was no slavery, the ancestors of every black - parents, grandparents, 10 generations back, etc would not be here in America, no one in the family tree would have ever met and every black alive would not be here; they'd be some amalgam of something else

Now let's move on from the individual onto the collective or macro level and compare the life of a black slave vs a European immigrant pre-Civil War

Pretty much all immigrants no matter the background had an extremely rough go - they would make a few cents a day at a job working 12hrs/day scraping to make ends meet thanks to large families including child labor

Nonetheless they often lived in abject poverty and squalor, having to pay for everything from food to board to clothing.  Often they could not afford doctors so death especially among the young was common.

Miss one day of work, 'you're fired and tough shit, not our problem'

Many especially women had to turn to prostitution and other degradations to survive

Now let's look sincerely at black slavery...

Some worked hard in the fields 10-12 hrs a day depending on sunlight or a bright moon while others had it more cushy in the owners' homes as cooks, maids, butlers and dressed with nice attire

The owner paid for their food, their board, clothing.. even doctor when necessary because this was their property and even if there was no emotional attachment, buying a slave at auction cost equivalent of $80,000 today

Slaves also had Sundays off because owners wanted their property to be Christianized which in the end was a genuinely stupid thing to do once they learned of Moses which was completely misinterpreted because the Bible was against Hebrew slavery.. not slavery as an institution

Slaves even had a cut off age or 'retirement' where they were no longer expected to work.. Think Uncle Remus and still fed and housed, etc 

And whether you wish to accept this fact or not, slaves by n large were very loyal and appreciative to their masters and some stayed with them even after they were freed

We have this sneaking suspicion most readers have never heard most we've expressed above which is purposely how the System wants it.. No subject in school is taught more terribly and with intentional gaps than history

You can think everything we expressed above is pure shit or you can make the effort to open your mind and really understand history beyond modern books and that garbage on History Channel to see that most of what you think on pretty much everything was programmed into your mind through 2100 days of public school idea indoctrination (K-12)

In other words, pretty much the non-action related plot of 'Matrix'

As always, its up to you..

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

When and Why Did Recent Batch of Black Race Poison Begin?


~ OMG a happy White couple in love... How racist!!  She should be taking black seed.. That should be her Superior  (how liberal white cuckolds think)

Ever wonder where this all started - this constant incessant need to push race into every media story and incite anger at every turn?

Most may think it was a reaction to the neck-stomping death of Chicken George last summer but no, the origins go back about a year prior..

Back in 2020 when Trump beat closet-dyke Hillary and then told the media to their face literally they were shit when then President-elect Trump invited them to Trump Tower for a discussion, they've wanted to do everything possible to destroy him short of killing him which they saved for their daydreams

So originally the goal was a constant barrage of harping on how terrible the economy was or would be and what a failure Trump was as a leader because he was dangerous and unhinged and would start nuclear war

Then the economy grew exponentially as did the stock market while unemployment dropped for every racial, ethnic, age and gender demographic; some to all-time percentage lows

So the evil soulless fuck liberals had to think another tactic

Simple..  play upon what a racist Trump is and how he hates everyone except those wealthy and White.

So like a well conceived military campaign, every story in every liberal news outlet became race - blacks discriminated, deprived of rights and freedom, Trump wants to put blacks back into slave bondage, police brutality, racist symbols and systematic bias.

Like a death by 1,000 cuts, it was creating a 'truth' from 1,000 lies a day

And who were the ones pushing the narrative and who own the media outlets?

Whites of course... Cocksucking cuckold race guilt/shamers along with bowel to mouth worthy strategic liberals who felt and feel still let the heavens fall, let America be destroyed and let a senile pus-head be President as long as he's Democrat, a party very skilled over the generations at Stealing elections.

Chicken George's death was and is the gift that keeps on giving

So now everything is race.. from politics to sports to entertainment to weather

CoVid deaths only 'matter' when colored people die at a higher rate than Whites..  Every ad and TV show and movie has to depict attractive fertile young white women (mostly blondes) with Nigger lovers and/or husbands with caramel colored cunt children 

Or just make sure everyone is represented except the skin color of people who actually created, built, and defended this nation over the last nearly 250 years

On n on.. you know how we feel by now..

But on a deeper level, we are not tolerant any more.

This may be hard for readers to believe but yours truly was not so full of despisal toward those people..  Most of my life I was the opposite..  Even had black friends and I mean Genuine friends, not the shallow type most have where you talk every 6mths to a year and have audacity to use the 'f' word

And then came a tumor skinned fuck named Obama

Evil to the core no matter his color but so many Whites voted for that Nigger for no reason beyond showing the world we weren't a racist country anymore..  

Had one person I knew who voted Republican actually utter those words as to why he chose the mulatto over McCain in 2008.

And even though he was rotten to the core as President and person, no one made fun of that chocolate motherfucker.. No one degraded him as he deserved often to be

Just his presence in the White House emboldened a nation of ignorants to believe they would now run and rule the country and Obama happily and subtlety obliged them

The blacks collectively speaking became more uppity, decided they were going to control words.. who can say Nigger and who can't and used very emotionally weak, insecure White liberals as their police to control the population

And very quickly it stopped being about maintaining an equal society based on content of character and earning respect

Instead it changed into, 'I'm black, Whites are shit and you're all going to pay'

And my positive feelings towards blacks turned to bonafide disgust and I found myself rebelling every way possible from political correctness and social progressivism

Now I'm at a point if I saw a black choking on a cherry, I'd still try to save him/her but I would make sure the whacks to the back were as violent hard as humanly possible 

And just like liberals and those behind the scenes who control the system want

The ultimate goal of all this.. a global one-world new order where the majority race feels no pride, confidence or esteem in anything, especially themselves.

And as Charlie Sheen would express, they're Winning

Monday, June 14, 2021

Want your Child To Be a Homosexual or Tranny? It Starts with Breakfast


~ 'Just a spoonful of gay cereal helps the homosexuality go down.. In the most bile-inducing way..'

A week or so ago yours truly was food shopping at Target and passing by one of the end caps I saw boxes of Kelloggs' cereal on sale.

But this wasnt just your run of the mill cereals like Frosted Flakes and Apple Jacks..

Nope this was a cereal celebrating homosexual ass-fucking and lesbian strapon with rubber cock pride

Um.. meant to say gay pride since it sounds so much more wholesome

Kelloggs like so many corporations bending over.. um.. I mean jumping on top of each other.. uhh.. competing to see who is to be the most friendly-faggot corporation decided to target small children their promotion of sexually immoral and unethical deviance

They are also big on tranny pride, getting rid of pronouns and making society treat gender freaks as normal

If the goal was to target adults it would be Raisin Bran, Special K and other old fart cereals

Nope, this was aimed solely at your children and grandkids

Thought Kellogg's already had a cereal for male ball-suckers - its called Froot Loops

In the men's clothing section of Target they sold fag pride tees for both adult men and small boys so gay father and innocent impressionable son can bond over bowls of homosexual cereal as they talk on how they plan to share their day in bed

That's right.. gay men are FAR more likely to sexually molest a male child than a heterosexual one

We really wonder what is the end result. the goal of Kelloggs and other perverse faggots and other liberal filth..

Do they want little 7-8 yr old boys spending time with their boyfriends, playing with each others' penises when not playing with Barbies?

Are they purposely trying to turn an entire generation of very young males into lost souls with absolutely no masculine identity - nothing but effete mannerisms and queer lisps when speaking?

Is this all preliminary work for the ultimate societal goal of legalizing and mainstreaming man-boy love like in Greek and Roman society?

Don't think it crazy..  Did you ever anticipate back in the 1970s or 80s that one day those genetically deformed deeply Fuckup up subhumans would be given the legal right to squirt their semen into each other's mouths and anal cavities, have it looked upon as 'beautiful' then allowed to adopt innocent minors into the depravity?

You do know its not hopeless.. its not all lost

You as a conservative or even as a decent human being have to make the decision to get into the game and fight this evil and stop waiting for others to do the fighting for you

How to fight.. that's up to you..  Civil Disobedience is always best

But the specific how to stop their scourge, well that's your decision because we don't tell people how to think or act..  

We do want readers to stop being complacent to the systematic destruction by liberals - more dangerous to the nation than Russia, China or Iran could ever be

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Some Q&A in 25 words or less

We're going to do some Q&A in this posting and try as hard as humanly possible to do it in 25 words or less..

Q:  After nearly 6 months in office, how would you grade Biden?

A: We grade him 'F' for failure, fuck-up and (senile old) fart

Q: Can you be more specific why Biden gets a 'F' grade so far?

A: He's liberal, a social progressive race panderer and all his values, views, beliefs, etc are wrong & idiotic like that of every Democrat

Q: Do you think this country can survive until 2024 when Trump wins?

A: Survive? Political correct social progressivism poison has contaminated America since the 1990s.. We are long past surviving.  Plus don't assume Trump will run

Q: But all signs show he wants to be President again..?

A: Trump has said IF he is healthy.  He will be 78 in 2024.. Many have strokes. Don't wish it upon him. Now Biden? - Yep

Q: Is Trump the man we need in 2024?

A: Actually no, but he is the best we got among current crop of conservative crap

Q: Please explain..

A: Trump had 4 years to fight social liberal values, multiculturalism and to put the blacks in their place -  he didn't; instead tried to court them

Q: But surely he was and and would be superior to Biden?

A:  Yes.. and no.  Don't want President who only cares about markets and who says buffoon things.  Want someone genuinely warlike toward fake Americans - liberals

Q: Onto different topics. your thought on June as Gay Pride month?

A: More bullshit than pride in race.  Pride is achievement & accomplishment based.  Can't be proud of ejaculating semen in another man's anal cavity can you?

Q:  Why does every group seem to get a month devoted to pandering and patronizing them except the group that actually built the nation for the last 200+ years - heterosexual white Christian and Jewish males?

A: Deep inferiority complex; a lack of contentment and self worth as individuals of said groups so self-assurance constantly needed

Q: That simple?

A: If you are told invisible pretend 'systematic' forces are out to get you and you are insecure you will be consumed by victimization lies

Q: Will this cancel culture ever end?

A: No because Caucasians are cowards.  Gotta fight back.  Gotta be very rough about it.

Q:  Think we'll ever be one people; a non-racist society?

A: No and don't need to.  People are allowed to think and associate freely as they wish; not a crime to prefer your own kind

Q: But shouldn't we all love and tolerate one another?

A: No! We should all get out of each other's way and stop pretending we're all equal because corporations and politicians want it

Q: Is there anything that truly be done to rebel against the onslaught of black takeover of society especially through sports, movies, TV and commercials?

A: Galvanize.. Organize.. Boycott..  Make your disgust known.. No let up.. Whatever it takes to stop this Nazi-like propaganda that Whites are inferior to colored.

Q:  Last question - how to survive 3.5yrs more of prick Biden?

A: Block it out.. Newspapers, cable news, magazines, liberal friends & conservative news nuts - Completely block them out; like blacks, they do not matter

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Dear black People..

~ Ignorant slave-minded bitch

This is a blog that only asks questions.. genuinely honest and blunt questions which only those people can sincerely answer..  That is if they possess the courage....

Dear black people,

Why are you not content to be equals in society?

Why do you demand more and more than what is deserved?

Why are you incapable or too scared to go out there into the world and work hard to achieve your dreams and better yourselves?

Why are you afraid to look at yourself as individuals, or is the plantation of being in colored collective too comforting?

Why do you pretend life is the same hardship for you that it was for your grandparents and prior generations when they actually were treated badly and all of you 50 yrs old and younger have not?

Why do you think only you 'matter'?  

Why do you think you matter at all?

Why do you get into a full fart rage if anyone expresses that 'Everyone Matters'?

Why do you demand everyone call you that Af-Am bullshit term?

Why do you think you don't deserve to be called worse?

Why do you feel society should give you a respect that is not and never was earned?

Why do you get arrested and commit crimes and violently hurt women and abandon your families and get addicted to drugs and alcohol and such a dramatically high percentage rate compared to Whites who are about 3x as many in this country vs you?

Why don't you ever look in to understand why you collectively speaking have failed economically and intellectually as a group vs Every Single Other race/ethnicity in this country?

Why do you pretend you love your race and history and culture and your mama yet continually seek to impregnate and contaminate white women with your dirty seed?

Why is it you hate every stereotype expressed about you people Except the one where all colored men have big cocks like horses, bulls and other chattel animals?

What have you truly achieved in this country that was not given to you directly or indirectly by White controlled government or greater White society?

Why are you so lowly; generationally of such common stock?

Why do you people not make a sincere effort to better yourself to have class, dignity and refinement instead of embracing guttural speak like Ebonics and rebelling against anything Caucasian?

Why do you pretend slavery was the worst thing to happen in the history of mankind?

Why do you pretend slavery was a 'Holocaust'?

Why can you not admit Jewish people have suffered far more throughout history than you ever have or will?

It is because Jews like Asians and really everyone else are Superior to you in Intelligence, hard work, determination to overcome and succeed and overall have fuller, richer souls?

Why do you hate those better than you including African blacks when you should be learning how to be better people of actual caliber?

Will you as American blacks ever admit you do not matter. never will matter and never should matter?

We'll be patiently awaiting your responses black people and we are positive you will keep it classy