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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Dear black People..

~ Ignorant slave-minded bitch

This is a blog that only asks questions.. genuinely honest and blunt questions which only those people can sincerely answer..  That is if they possess the courage....

Dear black people,

Why are you not content to be equals in society?

Why do you demand more and more than what is deserved?

Why are you incapable or too scared to go out there into the world and work hard to achieve your dreams and better yourselves?

Why are you afraid to look at yourself as individuals, or is the plantation of being in colored collective too comforting?

Why do you pretend life is the same hardship for you that it was for your grandparents and prior generations when they actually were treated badly and all of you 50 yrs old and younger have not?

Why do you think only you 'matter'?  

Why do you think you matter at all?

Why do you get into a full fart rage if anyone expresses that 'Everyone Matters'?

Why do you demand everyone call you that Af-Am bullshit term?

Why do you think you don't deserve to be called worse?

Why do you feel society should give you a respect that is not and never was earned?

Why do you get arrested and commit crimes and violently hurt women and abandon your families and get addicted to drugs and alcohol and such a dramatically high percentage rate compared to Whites who are about 3x as many in this country vs you?

Why don't you ever look in to understand why you collectively speaking have failed economically and intellectually as a group vs Every Single Other race/ethnicity in this country?

Why do you pretend you love your race and history and culture and your mama yet continually seek to impregnate and contaminate white women with your dirty seed?

Why is it you hate every stereotype expressed about you people Except the one where all colored men have big cocks like horses, bulls and other chattel animals?

What have you truly achieved in this country that was not given to you directly or indirectly by White controlled government or greater White society?

Why are you so lowly; generationally of such common stock?

Why do you people not make a sincere effort to better yourself to have class, dignity and refinement instead of embracing guttural speak like Ebonics and rebelling against anything Caucasian?

Why do you pretend slavery was the worst thing to happen in the history of mankind?

Why do you pretend slavery was a 'Holocaust'?

Why can you not admit Jewish people have suffered far more throughout history than you ever have or will?

It is because Jews like Asians and really everyone else are Superior to you in Intelligence, hard work, determination to overcome and succeed and overall have fuller, richer souls?

Why do you hate those better than you including African blacks when you should be learning how to be better people of actual caliber?

Will you as American blacks ever admit you do not matter. never will matter and never should matter?

We'll be patiently awaiting your responses black people and we are positive you will keep it classy