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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Finally.. Something Good in the News!

Nope, not being sarcastic or humorous..

Cosby should never have been convicted much less arrested

Pretty much all accusations were at least a decade ago.. some going back 3 or 4 decades..  No one who waits that long to report a sexual assault is considered valid or deserving of a moment of law enforcement's time

If you wait decades to report a sexual assault, Fuck you..

If you wait decades to report Fake assault like these women, then You should rot in a jail

Also the court knew of the deal with prosecutors and Cosby's attorneys where the testimony of five women could not be admitted into evidence and did so anyway because that is what desperate people do when the public is hungering for a hanging/

But we're not going to re-try the case.. happily there's no point

Plus anything liberals are sickened and angry about, we find joy.

The left, especially the rotten blacks wanted to destroy Cosby for years.. it was vandetta; a witch hunt

How can we say this...  Cosby's black too..  we're not making sense you say

Cosby was the kind of black the Nigger black hates..   He is wealthy and successful and devoid of the colored slave mindset that if you achieve anything, you have to obligatory pull up everyone in your community with you just because you're all 'brothers' or 'sister'

Cosby also was pretty much a clean comedian..  Talked on wholesome topics especially dealt with family and topics White America over the age of 12 could appreciate.    

Coloreds tend to prefer foul mouthed animals who talk non stop on fucking, who find drugs and being drunk 'cool' and other commoner topics..  Gutter trash like Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy in his prime

Also Cosby's TV show did not depict blacks as ignorant, illiterate, illegitimates like so many are in inner cities.. pee on face worthy White-hating ghetto criminal trash 

On the show they were a loving two-parent family with education, culture and refinement.. They dressed nice, didn't speak fuck Ebonics, didn't feel sorry for themselves or want to hurt the world for their failings

You know.. everything most blacks Aren't!

Lastly Cosby made a public effort to get black families to put emphasis on educating their children and preparing them to succeed in the real world and wanted blacks to put down the basketball and pick up a book, to paraphrase what he said often in interviews

And so they despised him and the Nigger community of race-baiters, welfare addicts and other base animal filth wanted to get even

And so they did through all this bogus legal nothing based on classless white women throwing themselves at Cosby to try to get ahead in the entertainment business and you damn well better understand that is why they and All women flirt with male celebs.

Happily Cosby gets the last laugh though he served two years in prison more than he should have

We hope he sues the state of Pennsylvania and wins mightily

Yes.. Finally.. Finally some good news in the post-Trump world

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