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Friday, June 18, 2021

If You Are Black, American & Alive, Thank Slavery


But what do they mean?  OMG.. Sacre Bleu!

Are they saying slavery was a good thing?

In a way, actually yes we are and we will explain.

Let's start with the header - you're black, American born and living this moment..  

The only reason you like anyone else is here on Earth is a cosmic convergence of your parents meeting at the exact moment and location that they did and all circumstances good and bad which ultimately became one fucking the other and in time producing you

This of course goes for all races, etc but we're just talking blacks

One slight alteration in that and you are not here.

To simplify things, just think the entire plot to 'Back the the Future'

Without slavery, there is no reason for blacks to be in the Western Hemisphere from 17th century onwards and its not like mean White Europeans just caught them in tiger traps and butterfly nets

African slaves were acquired when one African tribe defeated another tribe that was inferior, kept prisoners and sold the inferiors to the traders who were brought here and fucked to make more inferiors (not counting those who pleased their owners for extra cornbread or rye whiskey)

So if there was no slavery, the ancestors of every black - parents, grandparents, 10 generations back, etc would not be here in America, no one in the family tree would have ever met and every black alive would not be here; they'd be some amalgam of something else

Now let's move on from the individual onto the collective or macro level and compare the life of a black slave vs a European immigrant pre-Civil War

Pretty much all immigrants no matter the background had an extremely rough go - they would make a few cents a day at a job working 12hrs/day scraping to make ends meet thanks to large families including child labor

Nonetheless they often lived in abject poverty and squalor, having to pay for everything from food to board to clothing.  Often they could not afford doctors so death especially among the young was common.

Miss one day of work, 'you're fired and tough shit, not our problem'

Many especially women had to turn to prostitution and other degradations to survive

Now let's look sincerely at black slavery...

Some worked hard in the fields 10-12 hrs a day depending on sunlight or a bright moon while others had it more cushy in the owners' homes as cooks, maids, butlers and dressed with nice attire

The owner paid for their food, their board, clothing.. even doctor when necessary because this was their property and even if there was no emotional attachment, buying a slave at auction cost equivalent of $80,000 today

Slaves also had Sundays off because owners wanted their property to be Christianized which in the end was a genuinely stupid thing to do once they learned of Moses which was completely misinterpreted because the Bible was against Hebrew slavery.. not slavery as an institution

Slaves even had a cut off age or 'retirement' where they were no longer expected to work.. Think Uncle Remus and still fed and housed, etc 

And whether you wish to accept this fact or not, slaves by n large were very loyal and appreciative to their masters and some stayed with them even after they were freed

We have this sneaking suspicion most readers have never heard most we've expressed above which is purposely how the System wants it.. No subject in school is taught more terribly and with intentional gaps than history

You can think everything we expressed above is pure shit or you can make the effort to open your mind and really understand history beyond modern books and that garbage on History Channel to see that most of what you think on pretty much everything was programmed into your mind through 2100 days of public school idea indoctrination (K-12)

In other words, pretty much the non-action related plot of 'Matrix'

As always, its up to you..