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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Some Q&A in 25 words or less

We're going to do some Q&A in this posting and try as hard as humanly possible to do it in 25 words or less..

Q:  After nearly 6 months in office, how would you grade Biden?

A: We grade him 'F' for failure, fuck-up and (senile old) fart

Q: Can you be more specific why Biden gets a 'F' grade so far?

A: He's liberal, a social progressive race panderer and all his values, views, beliefs, etc are wrong & idiotic like that of every Democrat

Q: Do you think this country can survive until 2024 when Trump wins?

A: Survive? Political correct social progressivism poison has contaminated America since the 1990s.. We are long past surviving.  Plus don't assume Trump will run

Q: But all signs show he wants to be President again..?

A: Trump has said IF he is healthy.  He will be 78 in 2024.. Many have strokes. Don't wish it upon him. Now Biden? - Yep

Q: Is Trump the man we need in 2024?

A: Actually no, but he is the best we got among current crop of conservative crap

Q: Please explain..

A: Trump had 4 years to fight social liberal values, multiculturalism and to put the blacks in their place -  he didn't; instead tried to court them

Q: But surely he was and and would be superior to Biden?

A:  Yes.. and no.  Don't want President who only cares about markets and who says buffoon things.  Want someone genuinely warlike toward fake Americans - liberals

Q: Onto different topics. your thought on June as Gay Pride month?

A: More bullshit than pride in race.  Pride is achievement & accomplishment based.  Can't be proud of ejaculating semen in another man's anal cavity can you?

Q:  Why does every group seem to get a month devoted to pandering and patronizing them except the group that actually built the nation for the last 200+ years - heterosexual white Christian and Jewish males?

A: Deep inferiority complex; a lack of contentment and self worth as individuals of said groups so self-assurance constantly needed

Q: That simple?

A: If you are told invisible pretend 'systematic' forces are out to get you and you are insecure you will be consumed by victimization lies

Q: Will this cancel culture ever end?

A: No because Caucasians are cowards.  Gotta fight back.  Gotta be very rough about it.

Q:  Think we'll ever be one people; a non-racist society?

A: No and don't need to.  People are allowed to think and associate freely as they wish; not a crime to prefer your own kind

Q: But shouldn't we all love and tolerate one another?

A: No! We should all get out of each other's way and stop pretending we're all equal because corporations and politicians want it

Q: Is there anything that truly be done to rebel against the onslaught of black takeover of society especially through sports, movies, TV and commercials?

A: Galvanize.. Organize.. Boycott..  Make your disgust known.. No let up.. Whatever it takes to stop this Nazi-like propaganda that Whites are inferior to colored.

Q:  Last question - how to survive 3.5yrs more of prick Biden?

A: Block it out.. Newspapers, cable news, magazines, liberal friends & conservative news nuts - Completely block them out; like blacks, they do not matter

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