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Monday, June 14, 2021

Want your Child To Be a Homosexual or Tranny? It Starts with Breakfast


~ 'Just a spoonful of gay cereal helps the homosexuality go down.. In the most bile-inducing way..'

A week or so ago yours truly was food shopping at Target and passing by one of the end caps I saw boxes of Kelloggs' cereal on sale.

But this wasnt just your run of the mill cereals like Frosted Flakes and Apple Jacks..

Nope this was a cereal celebrating homosexual ass-fucking and lesbian strapon with rubber cock pride

Um.. meant to say gay pride since it sounds so much more wholesome

Kelloggs like so many corporations bending over.. um.. I mean jumping on top of each other.. uhh.. competing to see who is to be the most friendly-faggot corporation decided to target small children their promotion of sexually immoral and unethical deviance

They are also big on tranny pride, getting rid of pronouns and making society treat gender freaks as normal

If the goal was to target adults it would be Raisin Bran, Special K and other old fart cereals

Nope, this was aimed solely at your children and grandkids

Thought Kellogg's already had a cereal for male ball-suckers - its called Froot Loops

In the men's clothing section of Target they sold fag pride tees for both adult men and small boys so gay father and innocent impressionable son can bond over bowls of homosexual cereal as they talk on how they plan to share their day in bed

That's right.. gay men are FAR more likely to sexually molest a male child than a heterosexual one

We really wonder what is the end result. the goal of Kelloggs and other perverse faggots and other liberal filth..

Do they want little 7-8 yr old boys spending time with their boyfriends, playing with each others' penises when not playing with Barbies?

Are they purposely trying to turn an entire generation of very young males into lost souls with absolutely no masculine identity - nothing but effete mannerisms and queer lisps when speaking?

Is this all preliminary work for the ultimate societal goal of legalizing and mainstreaming man-boy love like in Greek and Roman society?

Don't think it crazy..  Did you ever anticipate back in the 1970s or 80s that one day those genetically deformed deeply Fuckup up subhumans would be given the legal right to squirt their semen into each other's mouths and anal cavities, have it looked upon as 'beautiful' then allowed to adopt innocent minors into the depravity?

You do know its not hopeless.. its not all lost

You as a conservative or even as a decent human being have to make the decision to get into the game and fight this evil and stop waiting for others to do the fighting for you

How to fight.. that's up to you..  Civil Disobedience is always best

But the specific how to stop their scourge, well that's your decision because we don't tell people how to think or act..  

We do want readers to stop being complacent to the systematic destruction by liberals - more dangerous to the nation than Russia, China or Iran could ever be

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