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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

When and Why Did Recent Batch of Black Race Poison Begin?


~ OMG a happy White couple in love... How racist!!  She should be taking black seed.. That should be her Superior  (how liberal white cuckolds think)

Ever wonder where this all started - this constant incessant need to push race into every media story and incite anger at every turn?

Most may think it was a reaction to the neck-stomping death of Chicken George last summer but no, the origins go back about a year prior..

Back in 2020 when Trump beat closet-dyke Hillary and then told the media to their face literally they were shit when then President-elect Trump invited them to Trump Tower for a discussion, they've wanted to do everything possible to destroy him short of killing him which they saved for their daydreams

So originally the goal was a constant barrage of harping on how terrible the economy was or would be and what a failure Trump was as a leader because he was dangerous and unhinged and would start nuclear war

Then the economy grew exponentially as did the stock market while unemployment dropped for every racial, ethnic, age and gender demographic; some to all-time percentage lows

So the evil soulless fuck liberals had to think another tactic

Simple..  play upon what a racist Trump is and how he hates everyone except those wealthy and White.

So like a well conceived military campaign, every story in every liberal news outlet became race - blacks discriminated, deprived of rights and freedom, Trump wants to put blacks back into slave bondage, police brutality, racist symbols and systematic bias.

Like a death by 1,000 cuts, it was creating a 'truth' from 1,000 lies a day

And who were the ones pushing the narrative and who own the media outlets?

Whites of course... Cocksucking cuckold race guilt/shamers along with bowel to mouth worthy strategic liberals who felt and feel still let the heavens fall, let America be destroyed and let a senile pus-head be President as long as he's Democrat, a party very skilled over the generations at Stealing elections.

Chicken George's death was and is the gift that keeps on giving

So now everything is race.. from politics to sports to entertainment to weather

CoVid deaths only 'matter' when colored people die at a higher rate than Whites..  Every ad and TV show and movie has to depict attractive fertile young white women (mostly blondes) with Nigger lovers and/or husbands with caramel colored cunt children 

Or just make sure everyone is represented except the skin color of people who actually created, built, and defended this nation over the last nearly 250 years

On n on.. you know how we feel by now..

But on a deeper level, we are not tolerant any more.

This may be hard for readers to believe but yours truly was not so full of despisal toward those people..  Most of my life I was the opposite..  Even had black friends and I mean Genuine friends, not the shallow type most have where you talk every 6mths to a year and have audacity to use the 'f' word

And then came a tumor skinned fuck named Obama

Evil to the core no matter his color but so many Whites voted for that Nigger for no reason beyond showing the world we weren't a racist country anymore..  

Had one person I knew who voted Republican actually utter those words as to why he chose the mulatto over McCain in 2008.

And even though he was rotten to the core as President and person, no one made fun of that chocolate motherfucker.. No one degraded him as he deserved often to be

Just his presence in the White House emboldened a nation of ignorants to believe they would now run and rule the country and Obama happily and subtlety obliged them

The blacks collectively speaking became more uppity, decided they were going to control words.. who can say Nigger and who can't and used very emotionally weak, insecure White liberals as their police to control the population

And very quickly it stopped being about maintaining an equal society based on content of character and earning respect

Instead it changed into, 'I'm black, Whites are shit and you're all going to pay'

And my positive feelings towards blacks turned to bonafide disgust and I found myself rebelling every way possible from political correctness and social progressivism

Now I'm at a point if I saw a black choking on a cherry, I'd still try to save him/her but I would make sure the whacks to the back were as violent hard as humanly possible 

And just like liberals and those behind the scenes who control the system want

The ultimate goal of all this.. a global one-world new order where the majority race feels no pride, confidence or esteem in anything, especially themselves.

And as Charlie Sheen would express, they're Winning