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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Happy 200th Birthday General Forrest!!


Happy 200th Birthday to the greatest cavalry commander in North American history and a True man.. God how you are needed today to put down the black carcasses 'matter' and woke rabble

Those people.. the secondary inferior people.. the bottomfeeders and cuckold Whites took down his statue, renamed schools and took away other honors in his name and continually try to wipe him out of existence

But they fail and always will continue to fail..

General Forrest is an inspiration for those who embrace rugged Individualism, achievement through hard work and adversity, honor and those who believe in self-determination..  

His accomplishments and dedication to his nation live on forever in the hearts of those at A&G and elsewhere

May God continue to bless his spirit in Heaven

Monday, July 12, 2021

YouTube censored this Trump video.. We uploaded it first


Yesterday (Sunday 7/11/21) rotten evil liberal (is there any other kind?) YouTube took down this Trump speech from Dallas and suspended CPAC for a week so they couldn't show it or distribute it for others to see

It's called censorship

We at A&G call it Fuck You

Well here it is.. 36 min of it anyways..

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

An Alternate Alternate History of America

With so many alternate histories written by small-b blacks and White guilt/shame cuckolds to create a narrative the American history and by extension Caucasians are evil, we're going to present an alternate alternate history

In other words, the original correct history of America and try to do it as concisely as possible considering since the settlement at Jamestown, VA its just over 400 yrs to cover in one posting so pardon gaps in time

The first capital-W White settlers to North America happened at Jamestown in 1619 which followed settlements at Plymouth Rock and other locations up and down the Atlantic coast down to present day Georgia

No blacks were responsible or involved in any of the discoveries, building of fortifications or anything else involving the original settlements..  Only Whites

From this, colonies were formed in which law, governance, city planning were all conceived and executed by educated Whites

At first indentured servants were used as free work but they were only forced to be bonded to another for 7 years so all colonies ultimately embraced slavery

The way black chattel was introduced into colonial society is that African black tribes would fight one another, the losing tribe would be held as prisoners or slaves to the victorious black tribe, and then sold to White slave traders for trinkets and baubles

Negro slavery helped the colonies prosper but because Northern territories had far more immigrants than the South, the need for black workers weren't as great and decided basically because they didn't need slavery, no one should have them (kinda like how liberals think when it comes to guns or gas guzzler cars)

Ultimately by the 1770s, the colonies decided it wanted its own governance rather then be under the never-ending yoke of Britain so learned White men of great esteem drafted the Declaration of Independence and later the US Constitution in 1787 with the Bill of Rights to follow

The black race had absolutely nothing important to do with the colonists' independence or creation of this nation of any genuine significance

A few blacks fought in the Revolution for the colonists but a far more disproportionate number of blacks fought for the British Crown to prevent this nation from being born.

The Brits promised freedom to any black who shot and killed American colonists and after the Brits thankfully lost, the black slaveminded cowards ran up into Canada 

White Presidents led the nation through thick n thin as White entrepreneurs and industrialists made the country strong and prosperous as White farmers fed the populace as its black workforce perfected the art of being shiftless and lazy

For the next 75-80 years, the country was pulled into one unnecessary race debate and compromise after another as plantation owners fed, clothed, sheltered and provided medical care for their workers while in the North, Irish and Scottish immigrants were treated like gutter trash

During this period, blacks contributed little to nothing to the War of 1812, Mexican War or any Western expansion and discovery..  It was Whites who fought and died; Whites who settled west and dealt with the blood thirsty scalp slitting, woman and child raping Indian savages  * the 'Dances with Wolves' revisionist narrative is fiction

Ultimately a bloody 4yr Civil War is fought between 1861-65 and 600,000 needlessly died to free the bitter black who are by and large were as simple minded today as today

Freeing the coloreds also costs the US Treasury a billion dollars in 1865 money and from there, 155+ years of absolute social, economic and racial hell as blacks repeatedly displayed they they are absolutely incapable of achieving anything without White assistance and White government patronizing

Every other race, ethnicity, nationality has come here to America and within 1-2 generations collectively achieved great things and be able to stand on their two feet

All except the American black.

And they wonder why they never mattered

There's your history primer.. Now go educate yourself on real American history and not how the White-hating black exceptionalists want you to think

Monday, July 5, 2021

Liberals are Human CoVid.. Treat Em' as Such

~ What every White person should say to every black..

If you are White and don't hate yourself or your history or culture or feel oppressive 'guilt' about nothing you actually directly or indirectly did to blacks, you will find that there really is no place for you in this society

You will find there's no where you can really go where you aren't demonized or put down or treated like secondary class with the twisted irony that its Whites in positions of power doing it at the behest of tumor colored uneducated filth.

It's done both overt and extremely subtle.

An example of overt as we have discussed often is the constant barrage of visuals from TV to movies to commercials where attractive fuckable White women chose niggers as their mates, with some visuals also depicting caramel colored cunt children as the now perfect family model

Ironic of course since in the Real world. interracial marriages have a much higher divorce rate than couples of the same race and black men abandon their families far, far more than White men

Then there's extremely subtle such as the first sentence of this posting..  

Notice we capitalize 'W' in White and undercasde 'b' in black because that is the correct way both terms should be spelled that way based on decades of journalistic norm

As of last July, all references to White are 'white' and all black is now 'Black' with Latino and Asian also being capitalized

Everyone now treated exceptional except you know who.. point point~

Death of a race and the pride of a people by a million cuts, big n' small

All because of the death of a mindless animal named Chicken George

And what did Conservatives do to stop the onslaught of political correctness, social progressivism and outright black Evil?

We muttered 'give me a break'..  Maybe laughed a little on the absurdities then moved on..

Maybe tried to block it from one's thoughts

And what did Trump do?

Four years in power.. Replaced a conniving, deviant Nigger half-breed motherfucker..  Was President during the riots and the cataclysmic changes to our society..

What did Trump do to fight the scourge?

Starts with a Z..  Ends with an O

Never sent the Army to maim and if need be eliminate the black lives never matter terrorists.. Never signed a single Executive Order or any Presidential act to stop this massive power grab by the dirt colored people...

Nothing..  Zero..

Reminds us so much of James Buchanan who did absolutely nothing as South Carolina seceded in 1860 followed by 6 more states from January to March, 1861

Buchanan is looked upon by most historians as the worst President ever because he failed to do anything to stop or right the Southern 'rebellion' as Northerners saw it

Trump did nothing to put down that fucking black race and its white guilt cuck counterparts and we keep thinking, why would we ever genuinely want him back in 2024 if this is how he deals with dangers to the Republic

He probably thought letting the cities burn and that fucking race take over everything would be the key to election victory so let everything be destroyed and magically the day after he wins to finally act Presidential.


He never understood the greatest threats to our nation's security are within; people born here with hate in their hearts from generation after generation of warped, mentally inferior parents and a rotten school system run by socialist-communist liberals.

And now everything is amok.

Every newspaper article about race and victimization or demonizing Whitey

Skimmed a NY Times article about this White bitch woman who was making amends with blacks for her ancestors owning slaves

Think about this.. a White-guilt cunt feeling bad because of something her family did 5-6 generations ago and this need to bow to blacks to show contrition for it..  Huh!

Later we skimmed a LA Times article that stated blacks are suffering from CoVid at a much higher rate (3x) vs Whites.. 

First of all. So what?    

Secondly, would it have been better if Whites suffered and died disproportionally to coloreds?  And would the article be written still?

Or are we now all conditioned to believe the LIE that only tiny-b black lives 'matter' (psst.. they do not.. never have.. never will)

Its endless.. its draining.  its both purposely so

They don't want you to have any pride.. any identity..

If you let them succeed, they will win

Gotta fight back folks but not with violence.. You have to use your mind and spirit and stubborn Individualism 

Outwardly, say and do what you must do in front of this black and White cocksuck cuck trash so think they won but inwardly you fight back..  When you express White and black in emails and comment sections of papers, use the prior spelling..

Also keep pushing the Truth that you Matter more and that your rugged Individualism will overcome, outlast and trump this pro-nigger fascism

Be true to yourself, teach your children the right way and the tools to block out the toxins that the left have targeted toward them and don't even waste your time interacting with liberals..  just get them out of your life as quick and practicable as possible

The left.. blacks..  White-guilters..  They are human CoVid

If you do not make a sincere effort to protect yourself, they will snuff you out...  Not your physical life..  only your values, morals, ethics, decency and spirit and soul

OK, some will ultimately try to kill you for being you

Your choice as always