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Monday, August 23, 2021

"My Body, My Choice"

Been hearing and reading and seeing a lot about how if you do not get vaccinated, you are essentially a selfish evil bitch or bastard who is a blight on humanity and on n on n on...

Of course like everything else terrible in this country, the invective comes from liberals

Funny how they scream in bloody murder 'My Body, My Choice!' when it comes to a woman committing bloody murder of the baby inside her because she wants to dispose of it like a post-Thanksgiving turkey..

And Yet, you the Individual are not to make such an important decision about your body and make the choice for yourself to get the shots?

Things that make you go Hmmm

The Democrats lie as always.. say its to protect others; to protect society from it spreading to others then play upon emotions to highlight that you could be killing children

Good thing yours truly does not have a heart or it may have been tugged

The shot/s do nothing to protect or keep others safe

They simply are meant to protect you as much as possible from dying until the next endless booster and more important to those in power, to save the health care system and health insurance companies.

Now to be clear and transparent, I made the personal decision on my own to get vaccinated so I am not an anti-vaxx'r or as the left puts it, one of those living on the fringe in a cave or burrow with 10 years of stockpiled food and guns and drinking my wee-wee

That's how Democrats basically see them or they just short-hand the stereotype to say 'Trumper'

I personally chose the shots because I saw the creation of an American and global segregated society where those who have vaccinations can move freely about the country, to borrow from an airline slogan and those without will be treated like blacks were in days of Jim Crow

Except it will be 100% legal

And since a senile old decrepit cadaver is President and Congress is the Nazi party.. um.. Democrat, I didn't have to read too much pre-WWII Germany history to understand where things are going

But the decision Must be yours and Only yours!!

I can tell you I had no side effects from the Moderna shots other than a minor tenderness in my arm and at of this moment have not felt any different since I received them..

But I will not tell you to get vaxx'd..

I will not even hint it.

Get the shots.. don't get the shots..  100% you make the call

That is how America is supposed to be.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

It's Mostly Your Fault

"Fuck you America.. Fuck all of you.."

Seen the news lately?  You know.. what's going on in Afghanistan?

Who's to blame for it - the violence.. the chaos..?

Well as the title of this post states, it's mostly Your fault.

Half this country voted that senile decrepit Mother Fucker to be President based solely on irrational Trump hate and pretty much the other half, especially establishment Republicans absolutely Refused to support the Presidents correct assertions that the election was fixed and thus stolen

Few to no conservatives in any position of power had the guts to stand by Trump, especially the Supreme Court and those weasels he personally nominated to be Justices.

So instead you have a current President who is a clueless bastard in Biden who we assume made a backdoor deal with China to quickly leave Afghanistan in exchange we believe for China not revealing how truly corrupt to the core cocksucker Hunter Biden is

That's our logical assumption anyways

Like father, like son

And Biden knows nothing will happen to him...

He won't get impeached because evil to core Democrats run the House, they have majorities even in committees meaning even broaching the topic of removal is DOA, midterms arent' for another 15 months with Americans' memories unable to remember things 15 minutes ago and the old elderly fart stated during the campaign of '20 he wasn't running again

Personally speaking I didn't vote for Bidet.. i mean Biden, I know with 100% certainly Trump was sabotaged at every turn during his election fight and those who marched on the Capitol were Patriots..  PATRIOTS whom most of this rotten country decided to refer to as rioters because few really ever think for themselves anymore

Everyone got who they wanted..  This old idiot fucker liberal.

So when people pay more n more for food and gas and shelves empty without being restocked for days or weeks, and people get sick n die of Delta and every horrible thing in the nation all we can think is (mostly) you deserve it and to quote from the movie 'Platoon',,

'Take the Pain!'

Monday, August 9, 2021

The Right to Like, Love or Hate.. That Belongs Solely to You

Short post because everything expressed has been stated here a billion times and quite honestly you all should know this by now..

So one of the many non-news 'news' items this weekend was that a visiting baseball player was constantly subjected to the N word (Gee, wonder what word they are meaning - nifty?) by a Colorado Rockies fan and how terrible and awful it was

You'd think it was worse than Covid or Pelosi still breathing

Nope.. this was the worst thing ever.. a ballplayer being called Nigger

We will assume it wasn't deserved or provoked by the player but let's ask the question that not a God Damn soul wishes to ask..

Why?!  Why did the fan feel brazen enough to say it?

Maybe the man is an evil monster - doubt it..

Maybe he was thoroughly drunk out of his gord - maybe..

Or maybe.. just maybe its a kneejerk response to all bullshit of wokeism and the continual pushing of black exceptionalism

Maybe it has something to do with newspapers capitalizing 'black' and lower-casing 'White' so the majority race is made to feel inferior to the minority..

Maybe its the constant deluge of Nigger men with white women and caramel colored cunt children depicted Constantly in movies, TV and ads as if this sputum represents the normal family and somthing to strive for

Maybe its one race of people controlling another race's freedom to use the English language with cuckold whites in positions of power giving away power that 'you can't say that word..'   Fuck Off.. no free person gives control like that to anyone

Maybe its all the black chattel kneeling and fist in air or whatever those people conjure to mask their inferiority complexes

So whether the ballplayer deserved to be called Nigger or not, is not important - Good on the Rockies fan for saying it loud, proud, often and in defiance of political correctness and 'woke'

A person has the right to like, love, hate or loathe Anyone for Any reason or no reason and there's not a Fucking thing anyone can do about it...  This is Your personal choice.  Once you give that up to a collective, you're nothing 

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

CoVid Q & A - 25 words or less


There's a lot of propaganda and lies out there about CoVid or the 'China-created virus' as it should be described; both pro and anti-vaxxers have put out purposeful untruths for their own nefarious purposes so we're going to try to sift through the shit to find the chunks of honesty in the 'bowl'

For brevity sake, all answers will be 25 words or less..  let's begin:

Q: Should I get vaccinated?

A: It's solely your decision.. But sometimes decisions are not based on health or ideology but on practicality

Q: What do you mean by 'based on practicality'?

A: Government (fucker Biden) is too cowardly to force you so using corporations and creating segregated society to get you to conform

Q: So no vaccination, no job right?

A:  Yep.. No job, no access to anything.. no entrance anywhere.. that's the endgame.

Q:  Curious, are you who run 'Ants and Grasshoppers' vaccinated?

A:  Yes

Q: Why if you're anti-vax?

A:  Don't desire wearing a yellow star with a 'U' for unvaccinated; don't feel like being a 1950's colored person

Q: Was the vaccine experience bad?  Any physical effects?

A: Other than mildly tender arm, absolute no physical effects of any kind for either shot, not even temperature elevation.. Got Moderna for those curious

Q:  So you must tell people who are not vaccinated they should?

A:  Nope.  We support capital-I Individuality... Individual choice

Q:  Is there any difference between getting the shots vs not doing so where CoVid is concerned?

A: If doing something increases chances of not suffering virus effects vs nothing, I choose 'something'

Q:  I think liberals are absolute despicable motherfuckers and I don't ever want to do anything they demand such as getting vaccinated.. Am I right to think this way?

A: Vaccines only exist because of President Trump's leadership so don't spite yourself. Do what is best for you and don't concern yourself with Fake Americans

Q: So masks work in preventing getting or spreading the virus?

A:  No.

Q: NO??

A: No unless you have N95 mask which yours truly has but is admittedly difficult to breathe while wearing; all others flimsy

Q: If so why does everyone make everyone wear them?

A: Fear.. Control.. Conformity.  Covid particles can easily pass through all masks except N95 - only mask to truly protect You.

Q: What is the left's endgame regarding vaccinations?

A: Fascist control of the populace through constant fear.

Q: Is there any way to fight it?

A: Many many ways but we do not believe this is the battle.  The virus is insidious. Even 1% protection better than none

Q: So OK, what you're saying is what?

A: Get shot or don't but do not let pro or anti-vaxxers 'inject' you with fear. Make the most educated decision possible

Q: Sounds good.. and if I choose not to get it?

A: Honestly.. prepare yourself for a very difficult daily life coming your way even if you never get ill.  Just being truthful.