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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

CoVid Q & A - 25 words or less


There's a lot of propaganda and lies out there about CoVid or the 'China-created virus' as it should be described; both pro and anti-vaxxers have put out purposeful untruths for their own nefarious purposes so we're going to try to sift through the shit to find the chunks of honesty in the 'bowl'

For brevity sake, all answers will be 25 words or less..  let's begin:

Q: Should I get vaccinated?

A: It's solely your decision.. But sometimes decisions are not based on health or ideology but on practicality

Q: What do you mean by 'based on practicality'?

A: Government (fucker Biden) is too cowardly to force you so using corporations and creating segregated society to get you to conform

Q: So no vaccination, no job right?

A:  Yep.. No job, no access to anything.. no entrance anywhere.. that's the endgame.

Q:  Curious, are you who run 'Ants and Grasshoppers' vaccinated?

A:  Yes

Q: Why if you're anti-vax?

A:  Don't desire wearing a yellow star with a 'U' for unvaccinated; don't feel like being a 1950's colored person

Q: Was the vaccine experience bad?  Any physical effects?

A: Other than mildly tender arm, absolute no physical effects of any kind for either shot, not even temperature elevation.. Got Moderna for those curious

Q:  So you must tell people who are not vaccinated they should?

A:  Nope.  We support capital-I Individuality... Individual choice

Q:  Is there any difference between getting the shots vs not doing so where CoVid is concerned?

A: If doing something increases chances of not suffering virus effects vs nothing, I choose 'something'

Q:  I think liberals are absolute despicable motherfuckers and I don't ever want to do anything they demand such as getting vaccinated.. Am I right to think this way?

A: Vaccines only exist because of President Trump's leadership so don't spite yourself. Do what is best for you and don't concern yourself with Fake Americans

Q: So masks work in preventing getting or spreading the virus?

A:  No.

Q: NO??

A: No unless you have N95 mask which yours truly has but is admittedly difficult to breathe while wearing; all others flimsy

Q: If so why does everyone make everyone wear them?

A: Fear.. Control.. Conformity.  Covid particles can easily pass through all masks except N95 - only mask to truly protect You.

Q: What is the left's endgame regarding vaccinations?

A: Fascist control of the populace through constant fear.

Q: Is there any way to fight it?

A: Many many ways but we do not believe this is the battle.  The virus is insidious. Even 1% protection better than none

Q: So OK, what you're saying is what?

A: Get shot or don't but do not let pro or anti-vaxxers 'inject' you with fear. Make the most educated decision possible

Q: Sounds good.. and if I choose not to get it?

A: Honestly.. prepare yourself for a very difficult daily life coming your way even if you never get ill.  Just being truthful.